Creativity is what sets brands apart. Think Apple, Google and Zappos. Corporations invest millions on Super Bowl Sunday to advertise for seconds. And the most creative ones, are the ones that reap the consumer reward.

In the world in which we live, we have to learn to separate ourselves from the competition. And creativity is that measure.

That’s where Creative Edge comes in. We are your experts for helping to create a lasting first impression and giving your brand that Creative Edge.


We present to you our work, with love....

Graphic Design

We talk to you to understand your brand- your message, your corporate spirit, your vision, your style. Then we wave our magic wand and… Voilà (that’s French, by the way.)

Website Design

We create sites of all shapes and sizes, from micro to mammoth, and handle every stage of the process. Digital strategy, web design, web development... yes - we do all that. And we do it well. All under one roof.


Yes, we even do photography! Why? Because all of these components are integral in conveying a solid and trustworthy brand. And because setting your brand apart must be INTENTIONAL.

Our Work

We create captivating digital solutions for awesome clients across all platforms.




  • Thank you for your professionalism and for creating an engaging and clean website. Most importantly, the project was completed on time, as promised.

    - Anthony Joiner, Author, Marketing Guru, Consultant & Webinar Expert
  • I'm excited because I like [my logo] 100%. And that rarely ever happens.

    - NDine Drame, Wellness Expert and Owner of BareFood Wellness
  • I just love, love, love our new logo.

    - Maxine Cain, Owner of Maxine Cain Events and STEM Innovation Academy
  • The way to get started is to quit talking
    and begin doing.
    -Walt Disney
  • If you do it right, it will last forever. –Massimo Vignelli
  • Everything is designed.
    Few things are designed well.
    -Brian Reed


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