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logo crash course

Own the conversation
with your logo designer

Get the basics of what to look out for when having your logo designed


Don’t spend unnecessary time or money

on your logo project.

Know what to ask, what to expect and

how to get it.

Here’s what people are saying:

"I had no idea I needed this to build a successful foundation."

"My designer didn’t give me everything I needed and it cost me to have it done right.

I wish I had this information beforehand."

"I thought Fiverr was a deal until I found out my logo was useless."

"This quick guide saved me so much time and headache."

Who we are!

We help businesses be great.

And over and over again we’ve realized that buisnesses find themselves in trouble because they don’t know how to get what they need- or even know what they need. These courses were birthed from there. To put you in the know.

Creative Edge has helped hundreds of businesses build their brands, logos, and websites in the last several years. We’ve worked with companies, individuals, celebrities and trailblazers alike. We’ve received rave reviews from the likes of award winning journalist Ed Gordon, David Moody of CD Moody Construction, multi-media personality and host of  The Sister Circle Rashan Ali, Tech Square Labs, MBC Concessions (Atlanta Airport Concessions), David Banner, Dr. Lauren Powell, and many more.

Remember, this pocket change will save you tons of money and headache!